Starring the Cars – Modified Movie Motor Classics

The motor stars of our favourite movie classics just got a little bit more factually accurate.

By bridging the gap between what you love about movies and reality, we’ve created the following stars of responsibly priced cars. Each movie poster has been lovingly rejigged to feature a car that was manufactured the year that the movie was release. As you can imagine, this has resulted in some surprisingly practical solutions and leaves you wondering what the props manager was really thinking.

We hope you enjoy.

The A-Team

A Team VW Westfalia

The A-Team was released in 1983, alongside the Volkswagen Westfalia; a motor built for family camping which has become an iconic vehicle for surfers and beach lovers everywhere. Imagine the A-Team racing in this beauty across the states from a crime they didn’t commit. It’s fun for all the family.


Batman Mini Cooper S

This could have been the Batmobile for the original 1966 movie classic, Batman. We’d loved to have seen how speedy this little Mini Cooper S could have been across Gotham City – we’d also delight in seeing the Batmobile gadgets, such as the Bat-phone, Bat-beam and the Bat-tering Ram, in according Mini size.

Back to the Future

Back To The Future Ford Fiesta

Time travel could have gone main-stream, if only every Ford Fiesta offered the same perks as this one! But would you risk getting hit on by your mum?


Ghostbusters Volvo 200 Series

Forget the proton packs; the ghosts don’t stand a chance against this superior Volvo 200 Series model of the Ecto-1. Okay, so the original was a Cadillac; but at least this one is more affordable!

The Dukes of Hazzard

Dukes Of Hazzard VW Beetle

Whilst the film wasn’t released until 2005, the TV series was a perfect product of the 70’s; as is the well-loved Volkswagen Beetle! Just picture the Duke Boys racing around Kentucky and away from the law in this little machine.

Jurassic Park

Jurassic Park Fiat Panda

In a Fiat Panda, you simply couldn’t feel safer touring around an island filled with dinosaurs spurn from frog DNA. Unless of course a storm wipes out the power and you’re left broken down next to the giant chicken pen – clever girl.

The Love Bug

Herbie The Love Bug Kaiser Jeep M35A2What have we done to Herbie? We think racing around in a Volkswagen Beetle would be too easy for racing driver, Jim Douglas. Plus, we think this Kaiser Jeep M35A2 could only come first place in a race against its streamlined opposition. Though he could accidently crush them all en route, if the determination of Herbie the Beetle is anything to go by…

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Tell us what you think of our modified stars. Are there any other characters you’d like to see? Do you think these are better than the originals? Let us know by commenting below.

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