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Toolorders is pleased to offer you  a comprehensive range of insulated tools from Teng Tools.

The choice of Teng insulated tools includes:

  •  insulated screwdrivers (flat, PH and PZ type)
  •  insulated side cutters
  •  insulated combination, long nosed  & wire stripping pliers

1000 volt tools should always be used when carrying out electrical work. A tested and fully approved 1000 volt tool can protect the user against currents up to 1000 volts.

Every  Teng Tools 1000 volt tool  is tested and fully conforms to DIN 60 900, IEC 60 900 and VDE 0680. They  are tested for insulation properties, resistance to cold, durability, flame resistance and insulation properties under pressure.

As well as the individual Teng Tools products there are  six sets including: 18 piece Insulated Screwdriver & Pliers set,  6, 7 and 10 piece Insulated Screwdriver sets,  a 4 piece Insulated Pliers set plus a 12 piece set comprising insulated and standard screwdrivers.

All insulated tools  are  manufactured to Teng Tools exhaustive quality standards and are backed by the “Everlasting Power Guarantee”   

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