Clothing Size Chart

We are pleased to offer a wide range of clothing from L.Brador. L.Brador have built a reputation in Northern Europe for quality, stylish, practical and comfortable working clothes at affordable prices. Developed for the professional worker L.Brador clothing is equally suitable as fashion wear out of work. All items comply to latest international standards.

The secret to LBrador’s success has been a design style that is fashionable but practical and good looking. No nonsense, just sensible work clothes with a little style thrown in. But style is not everything and LBrador have worked extremely hard to make sure that they have industry leading quality materials and they have focussed on the way garments are put together, the quality of the zippers and buttons and all those other small things that really matter. There are many styles to choose from but all are “designed to work”.

Three criteria govern L.Brador clothing: 

  • Function: a good fit with well thought out detailing 
  • Quality: good ready made clothes in the correct materials for the job 
  • Design: clothes with the right look in every detail

The PPE clothing range includes