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The Toolorders range includes the outstanding Zekler Fusion system featuring: welding helmet, welding shield, inner & outer protective covers & sweatband, in accordance with EN 379 and EN 175.

Welding Gloves

Welding gloves are thick, sturdy safety gloves that serve two purposes. Firstly, they protect your hands from burns, and secondly they protect the metals that you are handling from being contaminated by the oils on your skin. At Toolorders we sell a selection of Guide welding gloves that will suit most welding processes.

Guide prides themselves on providing the best fitting, most comfortable PPE for a range of jobs. They offer gloves in a selection of different materials so that engineers, welders and other tradespeople can choose the material, style and design that suits their tastes and preferences. Guide’s premium welding gloves are made from strong cowsplit, with soft goat grain leather for the palms, and heat-resistant Kevlar threads for all stitching, ensuring maximum durability and freedom of movement, while retaining the fingertip sensitivity required for delicate welding jobs.

Eye Protection

Welders should wear eye protection whenever they are operating their equipment. Failure to wear eye protection can result in potentially permanent damage to your eyesight. Arc-eye is a common condition among welders and one that is incredibly painful, but easily preventable with the use of appropriate welding gear. At Toolorders we are proud to offer Zekler’s top quality Fusion welding helmet.

Zekler specialises in offering ear protection and eye wear for people who work in hazardous environments. Like Guide, they understand that the best PPE is equipment that is comfortable and that people will actually wear. Zekler’s products are stylish, hardwearing and comfortable, and are designed with maximum performance and safety in mind so that your most important senses are protected, no matter the environment you are working in.