Toolorders is pleased to offer a selection of rotary cutting tools supplied by Teng Tools and Luna, two of the most reliable, high quality brands in the industrial and workshop space. The comprehensive range of rotary cutting tools includes drill bits, hole saws, taps and dies for all purposes.

Drill Bits

Toolorders is committed to being a one-stop shop for all of your workshop needs, and that’s why we offer more than one brand of drill bit. By offering both Luna and Teng Tools branded bits, we have all of your needs covered. Whether you want to drill wood, masonry or metal, we have the tools for you. Our range includes:

·         HSS Twist Drills

·         Fully Ground

·         5% cobalt

·         SDS

·         SDS Max

·         Auger Bits

·         Speed bits

·         A full range of accessories including extensions, countersinks, hinge drill bits, step drills and joint routers

Hole Saws

Whatever your cutting needs, the Luna range of tungsten carbide and bi-metal hole saws will do the job. These hole saws can cut iron, steel, brass, aluminium, copper, stainless steel, cast iron, plasterboard, wood, plastic, glazed tiles and MDF.  These saws are hardwearing and will last for a long time under regular use as long as they are cared for correctly.

Taps and Dies

Choose from a selection of tap and dies including chucks and handles. We offer a selection of Teng Tools branded tool kits and individual taps and dies, as well as economy tap and die sets made by the popular Swedish brand, Ferax. We also sell drive die chucks, tap chucks and tap handles, so you can replace individual pieces of your kit easily if they get damaged or go missing.

Whatever the cutting and drilling needs of your workshop, you can be sure that at Toolorders we have you covered.